The Reyburn Whistle Collection

My ancestral line is descended from the Gordon Clan of Scotland, and for over 15 years I have been making handmade whistles.  Unusual as it was, my first venture into whistle smithing was creating the Low D (stimulated by the Riverdance video), and has progressed from there to the Low F, the Low G, the Alto Bb and lastly the soprano C, D, Eb and A.
Complete Line of Reyburn Whistles
The original head on the Low D was made of maple wood as working with wood was most familiar to me from earlier endeavors of making furniture and wooden jewelry.  When I created the soprano design I used a new approach combining Delrin and brass and changed the airway from flat to curved.  This design was so successful that I incorporated it into all of the low whistles so that the entire collection is uniform.

As a result of demands for a lighter Low D, I recently added an aluminum alloy Low D to the collection and it plays louder and with a cooler, purer tone.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the sound clips and pictures of my creations.

Ronaldo Reyburn