Celtic Whistle Players: Our Guest Artists

Listen to sample music and sound clips contributed by our guest artists, Celtic whistle players worldwide who enjoy playing Reyburn Whistles. Calling all Celtic whistle players who play Reyburn Whistles—if you’d like to contribute your piece of music, please send me a message.


Aluminum Low D (just temperament)
“The Long Journey” played by Christian Curry


Low F Whistle (just temperament) Brass
The Reels are Palmer’s Gate & Ormond Sound and Turlach Boylan is playing his Reyburn Low F (just temperament) with Davey Mathias on guitar.


Nellie’s Waltz
The recordings were composed, performed, and recorded by Randy Chester for his wife Mackenzie (affectionately known as Nellie). This composition is played with the Reyburn Low D whistle.

The composition is played using the Reyburn Big Head Session Low D


Stanton Rayson
Recording of Stanton playing the Reyburn Standard Low D. Barbara Allen, Bantry Bay and the Trip to Darrow.


Zachary Moon
Recording of Zach playing the Reyburn Narrow Bore Soprano D. Sean Sa Cheo, Music in the Glen and the Mountain Road.

Zach is playing “The Moving Cloud” on the Reyburn Low G


Francois Matte
Francois Matte with his group “Matching Keys” playing Last House in Gleantainn on the Reyburn  Soprano Session D.