Celtic Whistles - The Reyburn Aluminum Alloy Low D Reyburn Whistles has been producing high quality handmade Celtic whistles and low whistles since 1998. Our workshop is nestled in the forest outside of Ashland, Oregon and runs completely on power generated by photovoltaic panels. It feels good to be making instruments with clean solar power.

About Reyburn Celtic Whistles

The body of each Celtic Whistle is made of brass (warm tone with more overtones) or aluminum alloy (cooler, purer tone). All instrument heads are machined out of black acetal (a tough, extremely durable plastic) and brass or aluminum alloy for the head tubes. Be aware that a brass head will not fit on an aluminum body. Bore perturbations are incorporated for octave balancing on some, but not all versions. Choices of finger hole patterns are available for the low whistles—the typical inline pattern or the off-set pattern (in which the pinkie finger covers the 6th hole) and greatly improves the reach. The tuning slides used on the brass versions are brass-on-brass and due to the thicker wall of the aluminum alloy, a slip coupling approach is used which is cut into both the head tube and the body tube. Teflon plumbers tape is used for the interface so the player can adjust the fit to their preferred tightness.

The Hi Session heads and the aluminum alloy Low D, have the beak turned to a smaller diameter which gives a more comfortable feel in the mouth. The thicker segment on the head is designed to support a stronger low end and a more powerful bell note.

The Hi Session D and C as well as the Mezzo A and Bb are available as a set (one head and two bodies) for a substantial savings.  All Celtic Whistles are tuned to  “Just” temperament relative to 70°F (21°C).  Those wishing to play in “Equal” temperament please use the contact form to clarify your preference.

Reyburn Whistles has recently developed an aluminum alloy Low D for those who prefer a light weight instrument.  The new Low D weighs 1/3rd less than the brass version, weighing in at 209 gms (7.46 oz).  The tone of this new Low D is cooler and purer than the brass version, plays very strong and has an excellent tonal balance throughout it’s entire range.

Reyburn Whistles has now (new for 2017) added aluminum alloy whistles in the keys of Low G, Mezzo A, Mezzo Bb, Soprano C and Soprano D. One of my customers who ordered the Low G states…”The Low G was just delivered. It is exactly what I wanted. It plays beautifully in both octaves. The high notes are sweet and easy, and the lower notes are gentle and nicely balanced.  The back pressure is the same as the A, which is very comfortable. It is light and well balanced.  The combination of the brushed aluminum, black delrin, and sleek design make it aesthetically very pleasing.  Thank you very much!  This is a great way to welcome the new year.”

As of December 2020 Reyburn Whistles has introduced a new design for the Hi D and Hi C. The new design is the E.B. model and stands for Easy Blower. These instruments play with less back pressure and require slightly more air. The best feature of these new instruments is that the second octave plays much easier than the Session version and the volume across the octaves is more balanced. They also play a bit quieter than the Session version.

Our Celtic whistles are fairly loud, have a bit of chiff, a wisp of breath and a full, round tone. We offer Celtic whistles in the keys of high Eb, D, C, Mezzo Bb, Mezzo A, low G, F and D.

All Reyburn Whistles carry a 30-day money back guarantee (excluding shipping).